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My father is dying of cancer and refuses to draft a will. All his assets will go into intestate territory when he dies. We just discovered that he has another daughter about two years ago. She is the oldest; I am the youngest and have been more involved with my father. Who is first in line for intestate succession? Or are we both equally considered his legal next of kin? I want to make certain his affairs are looked after properly. My sister does not know enough about him to accomplish this task.


His kids will all normally share equally from the estate including his other daughter.
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The two chief ministers are meeting to discuss and resolve several issues between the neighboring states, including river water sharing, division of assets and liabilities, etc.
Having an open and considered discussion about future division of assets before tying the knot may prevent additional heartbreak in the future should things not work out as hoped.
Speaking to Dawn, the mayor said the finance ministry has said in clear terms that the schedule of establishment could not be processed until the division of assets and staff between the MCI and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is completed.
SARGODHA -- Commissioner Zafar Iqbal here Friday constituted a four-member committee for division of assets between the Sargodha Development Authority (SDA) and
The president said that this is so because there are challenges such as the division of assets and the determination of the ratio under which water resources will be allotted.
Lisa attended the preliminary hearing over the division of assets in the Family Division of the High Court in London on Monday.
Specifically the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) is deeply irritated that the bureaucracy is hindering the division of assets and the transfer of functions from various departments to the council.
Despite having six items on agenda that included approval of previous meetings, division of assets, monitoring and supervision of environment staff, encroachments in Saidpur village, detail of income sources and expenditures and detail of budget allocation during financial year 2018-19, the meeting was dominated by issues pertaining to encroachments, water woes, FIR on a UC chairman.
It's a way of clearly setting out what each person has brought into the relationship, in case of any later division of assets and final payout.
It also refused to hand over to Pakistan the agreed division of assets, both financial and military.
Little is a family law attorney whose practice is focused on the representation of clients in negotiations and disputes involving prenuptial agreements, complex divorce actions, the valuation of tangible and intangible business and personal assets, the appropriate division of assets and debts, child custody, and alimony and child support payments.

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