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is a divisionally structured utility serving 398,000 electric customers and 265,000 natural gas customers in Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska.
With our new structure, Macy's now will have one unified buying organization, one unified merchandise planning organization, one unified stores organization, one unified marketing organization and one unified organization for each corporate function such as finance, logistics, information technology and human resources - instead of four of each operating divisionally.
Actions to secure cost and margin opportunities, divisionally and across the enterprise
Trustmark's Affinity Markets, CoreSource, Group Insurance, Group Select and Starmark divisions will each market customized, divisionally branded products based on the Healthy Foundations platform.
Through its Learning Governance workshops, Saba has helped large financial services and healthcare organizations build governance teams and realign their learning processes to be less divisionally focused, supporting more cross-organizational requirements.
Business unit portfolio restructuring, involving identification of measures to create value from non-core operations, and actions to recast or divest of non-performing operations; - Actions to identify and quantify cost and margin opportunities, divisionally and across the enterprise; - Enhancing the full potential of core businesses through development of a strategic plan by September 2005; and, - Exploration of options to refinance the Company, which include the recognition of the value imbedded in real estate.