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DIVISION, Eng. law. A particular and ascertained part of a county. In Lincolnshire, division means what riding does in Yorkshire.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Nation building in Pakistan, as it has proved through various divisionary programs, was never in its designs.
Each of the pictorial fragments resulting from the initial divisionary cuts is now matched with its inverted double, generating increasingly intensifying, even dizzying prolifera- tions: a quantitative one (in terms of the exponentially progressing number of divisionary cuts and of resulting segments) and a qualitative one--effected by the decreasing width of the mirror symmetries of the vertically sliced pictorial fragments, or bands (which rapidly approach invisibility, the smallest one reaching a liminal width of .08 mm).
American land ethic has remained basically possessory and divisionary in
In order to regulate environmental affairs in a decentralized government, sub divisionary offices of the Environment Protection Agency are to be set up in the North Central Province and the South Province this year.
"This is a divisionary step that splits the Lebanese and classifies them by imposing barriers and later walls to separate them in a bid to achieve what years of civil war failed to accomplish," the Lebanon First bloc MP said.
Equally, the Council is undertaking divisionary work with young people in the area by way of the creation of a Youth Shelter."
What is at stake in Edelman's analysis is a structure of consensus, which is entirely concomitant with the police order and not at all concomitant with the divisionary disagreements necessitated by the politics of the demos.
But the label 'clear red water' which they embrace and through which their 'progressive alternative' has been articulated is, at its core, based upon a divisionary, nation-centred logic.

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