do the needful

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But what they were saying was that they had passed a vote of no confidence in me and they were asking the national leadership to do the needful. Does that amount to suspension?
I urge the authorities to do the needful at the earliest.
The overflowing sewage and uncollected garbage are affecting people's health and their repeated pleas to do the needful have gone unanswered.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Apr 15 (ANI): With Karnataka Election Commission brand ambassador Rahul Dravid's name missing from the voters' list, the state's top election officer on Monday said that the former cricketer changed his residence and did not do the needful to get him included in the electoral roll.
He appealed to the Governor Balochistan to take notice of the condition of road and order to the concerned to do the needful in this regard as the people particularly the transporters are suffering due to the dilapidated condition off the roads.
"I get emails that say 'find attached my CV, please do the needful'.
Hope the authorities concerned will look into it and do the needful.
To request the Government of India to bear in mind the fact that the E.N.D.L.F (Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front) never acted at any time against the development of India and her integration but supported the Indo-Sri Lankan pact even in the days of storm and strife and sacrificing 1,700 mighty Eelam Tamils pinning their faith on the promise made by the then Prime Minister Shree Rajiv Gandhi to form North East Provincial Council and to do the needful to save the Eelam Tamils from the untold atrocities committed by the Sinhalese,
Please I kindly ask you to do the needful to get Prabhjot Singh here in Pune as soon as possible," the e- mail went.
'Please do the needful within two weeks and let your son report back immediately he is well (sic),' the letter said to parents.
Nousk The Rousk is in fine fettle and doesn't appear to have too much to do in the second event, while his kennel companion Tartan Ally could also do the needful if steering a clear course in race ten.
'Our stand is that if the national president has gotten something from a section of the union to use his office to manipulate things, he should do the needful by returning such as we are all aware that his tenure expires in August.