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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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Mary's district of Cardiff until Thomas Lewis the second, who was also a dock labourer, died in 1892.
Comments about the precarious character of casual work were not confined to dockworkers or naval dock labourers but were applied more generally.
Her husband, a 27-yearold dock labourer, told authorities he was unable to cope and handed six of their seven children over to the Walton Workhouse.
Short, stocky and bright-eyed, Rob was raised in poverty himself, the fourth of six children raised in a two-up two-down cottage in Oxton, Birkenhead, by their parents Evelyn and Frank Jeffs, a dock labourer. Sadly, he says, his family did not know about the mission.
John, a 23-year-old dock labourer, was charged with murder and stood trial before Mr Justice Stephen on August 9.
Christopher's father was James, who was a dock labourer.
And back in Crosbie Street in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, Thomas Burke, a dock labourer, and his wife Catherine, were awaiting news of their son, who had joined the Army to fight for Queen and country, wherever it might take him.
On November 6, 1899, dock labourer Thomas O'Byrne, who was 29, and lived at 1, Blackfield Street, in Kirkdale, decided not to go to work and go out drinking with James Toolan, who was married to O'Byrne's sister, Joanna.
In the early hours of the following morning, Elizabeth died at the Royal Infirmary and Spooner, a dock labourer, had his charge increased to murder and he made his first appearance before the stipendiary magistrate at Liverpool City Police Court, showing no emotion during the brief proceedings.