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So, doctoral dissertations of researchers are a critical criteria to successful studies in future.
In addition, virtually all faculty across a variety of disciplines rated originality of dissertation research and an independent contribution as two essential characteristics of doctoral dissertations.
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, New York University [UMI Number: 9992360], 2001).
Now a Point scholar in graduate school at Columbia University, Schell, 31, is researching a doctoral dissertation about the effects of trauma on the intellectual lives of LGBT students.
Written as a doctoral dissertation at Vanderbilt University and published in 1967 by the Vanderbilt University Press, Rufus Spain's study of the social attitudes of Southern Baptists joined a handful of other works published in that decade to launch what historians now consider an important sub-discipline of religious history.
Paracelsus, based on his 2000 doctoral dissertation, Jean-Michel Rietsch attempts to build his argument on a premise that has gained more and more importance in recent scholarship: Renaissance literature should be judged according to Renaissance criteria to avoid imposing modern or postmodern theories that early modern writing cannot possibly satisfy.
Karen Warren, a well-known experiential education professor from Hampshire College, wrote her doctoral dissertation on "Unpacking the Knapsack of Outdoor Experiential Education: Race, Gender and Class Sensitive Outdoor Leadership" (Warren 1999) in which she combines the concepts of social justice and leadership theories.
A $5,000 fellowship for a master's thesis and an $8,000 fellowship for a doctoral dissertation will be awarded.
So says a nationwide survey conducted by music educator Marilyn Ward, who completed the research for a doctoral dissertation in music at the University of Florida in Gainesville.
This book originated in Schafter's doctoral dissertation at the University of Texas, and has that dense quality associated with academic theses.
Newman is an academic, not a journalist; Net Loss is actually a slightly tweaked version of his doctoral dissertation, so there's little original reporting to speak of.
Focusing on homeschooling, my own doctoral dissertation analysis of over 300 newspaper and magazine articles revealed that the top four reasons to bypass conventional schooling were dissatisfaction with the public schools, the desire to freely impart religious values, academic excellence, and the building of stronger family bonds.

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