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1915 Dodge Brothers Touring Car -- The oldest car in the exhibition heralds the Dodge Brothers conversion from the world's largest supplier of automobile parts to manufacturers of their own car.
The Dodge Brothers launched their car with an innovative advertising campaign that became a classic.
The Dodge Brothers never tried to sell cars based on top speed; their first car "chugged' out of their plant in 1914 with an engine whose basic design lasted until 1928.
The Dodge Brothers are at the wheel, flashing their headlights in quick succession, spelling out a secret message in Morse Code.
About the Dodge Brothers John Francis Dodge and his brother, Horace Elgin Dodge, were born into a family of machinists and grew up in Niles, Mich.
As the image shifts to the Dodge Brothers sitting in two old Dodge touring cars next to the Charger and Challenger in the garage, the voiceover says, "Do you know how hard it is to do a commercial with a Dodge.
The new campaign captures the spirit of innovation and enthusiasm the Dodge brothers had when they founded the brand 100 years ago.
The voiceover says, "As boys, the Dodge brothers made their own bicycles.
By 1914, Budd had a number of patents for a pressed-steel car body - and a new start-up firm, Dodge Brothers (run by two ex-Ford directors), was interested in testing the technology.
AUTOMOTIVE FIGURES - Michigan rolls out the posthumous front line of Henry Ford, Ransom Olds and the Dodge brothers, John and Horace.
Though he lost the suit to the Dodge brothers, Henry Ford did win a judgment of six cents in a libel suit against the jingoistic Chicago Tribune which erroneously reported that Ford would fire workers mobilized and sent to the Mexican border.
Sure, the auto industry had its Henry Ford and Louis Chevrolet and its Dodge brothers, but for every one of them, there were companies named after Indian chiefs, European explorers and dead presidents.