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All of the doffer grinders made by Tier-Rack are precision machined to ensure that the doffers are ground to a uniform thickness for optimum cotton removal.
Unique in the winding machinery market are its features, such as auto calibration of the splicer feeder arm, Energy Monitoring and intelligent doffer functions like SmartJet and TubeCheck.
The new web doffer significantly reduces the tension drafts, which in turn improves quality and running behaviour.
With a doffing time of less than two minutes, the ZinserSpeed 5A's new automatic doffer makes the roving frame the ideal partner for Zinser high-speed ring spinning machines.
The new doffer wire NovoDoff with 450 ppsi is designed especially for hydroentangled light weight nonwovens and is most suitable for long-staple fibers, due to optimized transfer properties.
The new Marzoli Integrated Transport System is available in two versions: The MTR (Marzoli random transport) and the MTT (Marzoli block creeling solution), with trolley trains that can also enter the doffer rail of the new FT60 and FT70 roving frames and the creel of spinning frames.
Autefa's Webmaster Card works on the basis of a patented double doffer system between the two main card cylinders and offers two main advantages.
Complying to the growing automation demand (due to increasing labor costs) all the XENO machines could be equipped with an automatic doffer system.
The second novelty is a Twin Mandrel Doffer for 10+10 or 12+12 ends, designed to transfer the doffed bobbins to "Shuttle" transport vehicles travelling on overhead monorail circuits this technology is widely used by Salmoiraghi in many Automated Handling Systems installed worldwide.
With its multi-tube handling and smart empty tube strategy, the X-Change package doffer features intelligent functions which are unique in the market.
In addition to the 1920 spindles available but with the CoWeMat the most processreliable doffer is available as well.
This is a double doffer system with the possible activation of condenser rolls for heavier webs.