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The significant increase in the countrys position in the Doing Business ranking in terms of Registering Property was due to the improvement of accounting and registration system in real estate.
The Doing Business report for 2018 shows that Pakistan was able to cut its distance-to-frontier (DTF) score by 0.
Starting a business is one of the ten World Bank's Doing Business indicators on the basis of which 190 economies all over the world will be evaluated for business friendly reforms this year.
The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities at the sub national and regional level.
For the economy to grow and flourish, improving the business environment is indispensable,' Secretary Planning and Development Department Iftikhar Ali Sahoo told media on the occasion of the launch of 100 Days Plan to Doing Business Reforms.
Earlier, the World Bank released its 'Ease of Doing Business Report 2018,' which showed that the country's overall ranking fell to 113th from 99th in the 2017 edition.
The recent report by the World Bank on 'Ease of Doing Business index' showed that India rose as much as 30 positions to rank 100th amongst 190 countries.
The WB report ranked Pakistan at 147 out of 190 economies in ease of doing business while the country ranks 142 in starting a business.
Pakistan, which implemented four reforms in the past year, also made it easier to register a new business, transfer commercial property and facilitate cross border trade," the Bank said in the Doing Business 2018 report, which monitors the ease of doing business for small and medium enterprises around the world.
In the World Bank's 2017 Doing Business Report released in October last year, the Philippines ranked 99th out of 190 economies, up only by a few notches from 103rd previously.
com)-- Published annually, the World Bank Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 189 economies worldwide.
The World Bank's Doing Business report measures the legal not the real state in Macedonia's economy, economists says.