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Looking to Poundland's future, Mr McCarthy added: "The example of the dollar shops in the US underpins my notion Poundland will be around.
Though it's still possible to find shops stuffed to the gills with various sorts of, seemingly unrelated, merchandise, there's no doubt that they're not overly attractive and their designation as 'dollar shops', or similar, depending on your currency, is an indication of what we expect to pay for their wares.
In contrast to empty shops, there was a chain of dollar shops called Pewex.
Despite having lived there for 14 years now, she continues to react to, delight in and absorb the city's endless visual barrage of street culture, whether in the form of billboards for lingerie juxtaposed with posters of Hizbullah martyrs or in dollar shops selling cheap war toys made in China, all of which become material for her work.
Taking a cue from this hot retail sector, merchants such as Wal-Mart, Target and Mervyn's have rolled out dollar shops in their stores.
With industrial workers making only the equivalent of $5 US per month, most people will do almost anything to get hold of that precious currency in order to buy the goods found only in US dollar shops.
"We are already a $1 billion business, if you contrast us to the dollar shops in the US, and aim to reach pounds 1 billion in turnover in the next two to three years."
These include leveraging a new prototype, dollar shops and working to match Wal-Mart on like products.
It includes store remodels and new concepts, such as dollar shops and preteen girl's shops.
Other big-box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Kroger and Mervyn's have been testing the dollar store waters with in-store dollar shops and stand-alone departments.
Taking a cue from today's hottest retail sector, merchants such as Wal-Mart, Target and Mervyn's are testing dollar departments and full-fledged dollar shops in their stores.