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With a strategy of buying closeout, discontinued and excess retail inventory and selling the things cheaply in no-frills stores, the Polens have opened 13 Oregon's Own Dollar Store and 14 Cash Connections in 12 communities.
Looking ahead, Sasser said he sees the potential to bring Family Dollar stores to Canada as well.
Consumers walk into a dollar store with the intention to buy, not to browse, and almost always walk away with something.
Marvel's Gitter said if his firm did consider playing in the dollar store tier, it would have to think about creating a new interpretation of its brands, including creating new strategies, new product lines and new marketing and merchandising tactics.
"We created Dollar Store Expo as an event that is proprietary to an industry that has kind of been falling between the cracks of these larger shows," says Kristina Mullen, show manager for Bentley International Group, the Las Vegas firm that manages Dollar Store Expo and created the new Retail Dollar Store Association trade group to work on behalf of the industry.
NEW YORK -- Dollar stores gained a higher profile in the economic downturn that began in 2007, when more consumers turned to the format in an effort to save money while skipping a trip (usually involving a longer drive) to a big-box discount store.
* "Dollar stores are wonderful to pick up prizes and stuff for games, or let the kids shop with a dollar or two--they'll spend a lot of time searching for the one thing they want to take home.
"The dollar store industry is supported by customers of all different walks of life and economic ability," says Kurt Barnard, president of Barnard's Retail Consulting in Upper Montclair, N.J.
While none of the buyers are identified, the company does point out that all intend to operate the divested locations as dollar stores, which addresses concerns of the FTC.
Only 32% of survey respondents from such households said they never shopped at dollar stores. That compares to only 8% in the lowest income group (those with annual household incomes of less that $25,000) who said they don't shop at dollar stores.