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In the third quarter, new-construction dollar stores made up 45 percent of the sector.
Breakdown of Dollar Store Majors' competition from its noted competitors as well as competition channels from other industries
Dollar stores remain a popular option for investors because they primarily offer long-term leases to strong credit tenants at an attractive price point, Feeney said.
The white paper, Dollar Days: How Dollar Stores are Growing in a Weak Economy, indicated these four major dollar stores now operate approximately 21,500 locations in the United States.
00 at the Dollar stores cost $2 or $3 at drug stores or even Wal-Mart.
About 45% of dollar store sales are from low annual household incomes (below $30K), 47% from middle incomes (between $30K and $99.
While many factors have increased the level of competition between dollar stores and supermarkets, insiders put the most emphasis on recent shifts in the demographics of the typical dollar store shopper.
Home vendors need not worry, though, as McCoy explained that dollar stores are not paring down discretionary home products to make room for food.
Although dollar stores are concentrated in rural areas and in the South, they have penetrated all regions.
Some 78% of dollar store shoppers say that stores are conveniently located, thus making it easy for them to shop in this channel and almost three-quarters (74%) of dollar store shoppers think that dollar stores offer better prices than other retailers.