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Vapor Corp (OTC:VPCO), a US based electronic cigarette company, announced on Friday the availability of its KRAVE KING tobacco and menthol flavoured products, in 6,600 Family Dollar stores (NYSE:FDO) nationwide in the US, where tobacco is sold.
While the trade class' most recent success owes something to the country's prolonged recession, dollar stores had been thriving even before the bottom fell out of the economy.
Once considered dumping grounds for licensed goods, dollar stores are now being included in upfront negotiations between brand owners and licensees, and also, very recently, appearing in freshly drawn license contracts.
The dollar store we stop at just for fun and we get most of whatever else we need at the super-center".
Certainly the best news for executives at these chains is the fact that 59% of all respondents found dollar stores pleasant to shop in, while 54% believe the brands and products sold in them are equal in quality to those found at other retailers.
Analysts say that as dollar stores attract a broader range of customers and continue to alter their merchandise mix, they are quickly becoming the outlets of choice for more people.
While dollar stores have often been characterized as the source for lower quality nonessentials, consumers have increased purchases of name brand food and health items in these stores.
Right now dollar stores are well positioned to win that convenience battle and steal more share away from the big boxes than is stolen from them, in part because dollar stores are everywhere.
Other analysts, however, feel that dollar stores are still sitting pretty within the big picture.
For stores lute Dollar General, Family Dollar Stores, Dollar Tree and a bundle of other deep-discount retailers springing up across the country, it's probably a safe bet to say "millions," even "billions.