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Akwe-Doma was afterwards taken to his family compound in Doma town for final burial amidst tears from thousands of sympathizers who gathered at the venue.
The narrative around DOMA was that it was untouchable.
Third, and relatedly, to strike down DOMA on equal protection grounds, the Court had to assume the truth of a "consent-based" view of the nature of marriage and the social value of recognizing it, or the falsity of a "conjugal" view of the same value and policy judgments.
In both the Oklahoma and Utah decisions, the judges drew their conclusions heavily from the DOMA decision.
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional, and on June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court agreed and upheld the Second Circuit court's decision.
family unification, and DOMA, which excludes homosexual couples from
3133--a bill stripping the federal courts of the power to deal with DOMA.
The Supreme Court found Section 3 of DOMA unconstitutional.
Ahmed Abou Doma, CEO, Orascom Telecom, said: "Our operations continued to be negatively impacted by regulatory and government actions that are beyond our control and decisions.
See also: With DOMA defeated, new issues arise The end of DOMA: Married in the eyes of the IRS Surveying the post-DOMA landscape
The more significant tax impact of the DOMA decision, observers agree, concerns income taxes.
on the current status of the DOMA Supreme Court cases, and on a panel discussion about the ramifications of 2012 gifting plans in 2013; the Broward County Bar's May Meeting on the Morey v.