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The public official charged with the duty of making and maintaining public records.

Common examples are the registrars of voters and deeds.

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an official in charge of keeping a register.
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Usually, your domain name registrar will send you a renewal notification about a month before expiry.
domain name registrar providing the forum--the parked page--and the ad
been unclear about the extent to which a domain name registrar should be
Secura, an ICANN accredited domain name registrar, has extended the period for airports to register their three-letter IATA codes as aero-domains until 15 September 2003.
Domain names for purposes of in rem actions have the situs in the judicial district in which the domain name registrar, registry, or other domain name authority that registered or assigned the domain name is located.[35] Thus, it is conceivable that a person who registers a domain name infringing upon another's federally registered mark could be called upon to defend an in rem action in Virginia where a domain name registry is located even though the defendant resides in Idaho, if they believe they have a legitimate claim to the first registered domain name even though someone else holds a trademark to that name.
NetBenefit, the domain name registrar, has signed a deal to supply its services on registrations, web-space hosting and e-commerce to Cyberia's customers.
Elliot Noss, President and CEO, said, "We completed a major acquisition that solidified our position as the second largest domain name registrar in the world, and remain on track to realize acquisition synergies that will contribute approximately $5 million in incremental annualized EBITDA by 2019.
The firm has been an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar since 1999.
30 March 2012 - Russian integrated service provider Masterhost and local domain name registrar have reportedly abandoned merger plans, RBC Daily said today, quoting a minority shareholderA in Masterhost and market sources. said yesterdsy that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held domain name registrar Network Solutions, to capitalise on a shift by small and medium businesses from traditional marketing channels to online marketing.
And another domain name registrar, Network Solutions, told AFP it had stopped offering the .cn domain names in December because of the "intrusive nature" of the new Chinese policies for those seeking Web addresses.
Today you can register a domain name with any of more than 500 domain name registrars. Before 1999 the only domain name registrar was Network Solutions (, which had been granted an exclusive contract from the National Science Foundation.

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