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But it will not affect its contribution to aggregate productivity growth, a property of the Domar aggregation.
(2) bu farkliligi, kadinlarda ailelerinden ayrilmaya bagli anksiyetenin daha yuksek olmasina baglarken, Shevde ve Panagopoulos (16) ile Domar ve ark.
According to the port source, the land port was established in Chilahati of Domar upazila under the district in 1960.
Ya hace algunos anos Evsey Domar puntualizaba la necesidad de calcular la productividad a partir de los componentes de las CN, y si era posible, a partir de las firmas.
Foreign assistance helps in enhancing the domestic saving or directly boosts the productivity of capital by increasing economic growth (Domar, 1946).
The sustainability framework was first developed by Domar (1944) which states that a necessary condition for sustainability is that growth rate of income must exceed the interest rate.
A expressao utilizada por Anisio, "domar a vontade", remete diretamente a posicao de Schopenhauer que com a palavra vontade referia-se a uma pulsao vital eminentemente interesseira, egoista, dedicada a autopreservacao.
Domar of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965
"Si en lugar de leer a Bergson o a Schopenhauer--le dice el Magic--hubieras dedicado mas tiempo a domar el tiro desde las bandas no habrias desperdiciado tu oportunidad."
Among the topics are early Cretaceous to present latitude of the central proto-Tibetan Plateau: a paleomagnetic synthesis with implications for Cenozoic tectonics, paleogeography, and the climate of Asia; the northern Lhasa thrust belt of central Tibet: evidence of Cretaceous-early Cenozoic shortening within a passive roof thrust system; the structure and detrital zircon geochronology of the Domar fold-thrust belt: evidence of pre-Cenozoic crustal thickening of the western Tibetan Plateau; and the timing and spatial patterns of basic segmentation and climate change in northeastern Tibet.
In Beit Hanoun, Yahya Abu-Harbied was killed in an Israeli tank attack that targeted a group of people in the Domar Street.