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Domar was disqualified for failing to meet all of the standards of a good faith effort to recruit and use minority- and women-owned businesses.
The aggregation result reveals that aggregate TFP growth depends not only on the industry-level TFP growth rates but also on the pattern of demand embodied in the set of Domar weights.
Domar had some encouraging advice about whether couples should discuss their infertility with others: While most couples do not, those that do have received mostly supportive reactions, she said.
Se fue construyendo un proyecto colectivo que tuvo que ver con una voluntad de domar, de sobreponerse a nuestra 'loca geografia'.
7) Moreover, Domar, complaining of an ever-guilty conscience, admitted in 1957 that his theory made no sense for long-run growth and instead endorsed Solow's growth theory.
The main contribution of this theory is the recognition that investment has two sides, a demand side (the Keynesian view) and a supply side (the Harrod and Domar idea), the recognition that investment in plant and equipment, once completed can permit an increase in potential output.
htm Details on the Mind/Body Programme by Dr Alice Domar.
Para domar al monstruo: El 28 de abril Fletes recibio la grata noticia de que seria liberado, aunque el secuestrador le advirtio: --Como tu familia no pago nada, te soltaremos para que tu reunas el dinero y en unos dias nos arreglamos o te volvemos a agarrar --amenazo.
Evsey Domar and Richard Musgrave's link to Keynes was through attendance at Hansen's Seminar and their subsequent positions at the Board of Governors in the early 1940s, particularly to the Board seminar Keynes delivered in 1943 in which he dismissed Lerner's functional finance, with Lerner in attendance, an occasion vividly recalled in five remembrances.
As Harrod and Domar have shown, the supply side of investment is treated in the theory of economic growth [R.
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