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HORSE. Until a horse has attained the age of four years, he is called a colt. (q.v.) Russ. & Ry. 416. This word is sometimes used as a generic name for all animals of the horse kind. 3 Brev. 9. Vide Colt; Gender; and Yelv. 67, a.

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Until domestic horse slaughter ended in 2007, the three slaughter facilities operating in the United States employed a total of 170 low wage workers (O'Dowd and McNichols, 2013).
In turn, the number of domestic horse shipping companies and horse auctions decreased by more than half.
The Colonel's greatest achievement turned out to be saving the last wild horse from obscurity: He identified animal skins and bones brought to him as different to both the domestic horse and famous Mongol pony.
The domestic horse; the origins, development, and management of its behaviour.
With domestic horse racing suspended for a week they are optimistic that racing from South Africa and Italy, along with the Dubai, will encourage customers to continue betting.
With domestic horse racing suspended for a week, Hills are optimistic that racing from South Africa and Italy, along with the Dubai racing, will encourage customers to continue betting.
Many European paleontologists (cited above) accept the shape of the linguaflexid of the lower molar as a major character separating caballine (domestic horse type) from the zebrine (stenonine) horses.
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An international team deciphered the genome of the horse from the Middle Pleistocene epoch, along with those of a 43,000-year-old horse, a modern donkey and five contemporary domestic horse breeds.
Sheikh Mohammed, who stands five stallions at his Darley Japan complex including former domestic horse of the year Admire Moon, wasn't represented by his first runner as a fully licensed owner in Japan until February 2010, not long after he had become the first owner residing outside the country to be registered with the Japan Racing Association.