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Country: Canada
State: All States Provinces

I was charged with assault (domestic) I have counter charged. I can't have contact with my wife but she has attempted to make contact with me. She has written me letters stating that's she wants my charges dropped but the police won't let her. She wants us to reconcile and work on our marriage. I'am wanting to do the same we are both seeking personal counseling and want to get marriage counseling as well. What can we do to have the charges (both mine and hers) dropped and the communication barriers taken off? Am I allowed to talk to the crown attorney or can only my lawyer do that?


Yes--Try speaking to the crown attorney--they have the right to continue to pursue the case on their own (even if you don't want them to) but if they feel this was a one-time incident and will never happen again--they may drop it; they want to make sure no abuse is continuing once you two are back together--
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