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In the EMCs of Southeast Asia, domestic savings were traditionally high, well over 30 percent of GDP, so that the inflows of foreign savings augmented the already abundant savings available to finance domestic investments.
During most of the 1990s, rapid growth in domestic savings and investment accompanied the expanding U.
To curtail, at least in part, the amount of investment that is being made in the United States, we would have to either curtail domestic investment--a course he does not favor--or increase domestic savings.
Another reason for the very low investment levels has to do with the low domestic savings rate in Pakistan at below 10 percent of GDP, which compares unfavorably with an average of around 25 percent in South Asia.
Higher rate of domestic savings in the economy accelerates the stock market activity.
If government does not devise polices to gear up the level of domestic savings and remains stick to the ambitious target of investment in the economy.
The RBI report also called the "fall in domestic savings and relatively high fiscal deficit" as other key concerns for the Indian economy.
Montenegro's 'low' economic strength assessment is based on the economy's small size, limited diversification and lack of domestic savings to fund investment.
India needs to improve its domestic savings so that you can fuel and fund more domestic investment without needing to run such a large current account deficit" " Areas in India where you can get most dividends are in the public sector, infrastructure, and in improving the fiscal side of the economy.
The Macedonian Ministry, he added, is currently focused on making domestic savings, while closing diplomatic offices abroad would be a last-ditch measure.
However, Finance Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said in an interview recently, government has made a conscious decision to borrow mostly from the domestic market in order to utilise domestic savings and develop the local capital market.
Our domestic savings rate, which currently stands at 33 to 35 per cent of our gross domestic product, will greatly facilitate the realization of our growth objectives.

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