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This section also depicts a variety of situations ranging from domestic slavery to trafficking to hereditary bondage from which individuals had broken free.
The MTV EXIT Campaign highlights how people are being sold into the sex industry or domestic slavery, and the plight of people forced to work in sweatshops in developing countries.
It tells us that in a woman's world (at least from the point of view of a man), one of the sexes (the female, naturally) is deemed to be superior to the other which is relegated to effective domestic slavery, destined to be bossed around and sidelined from any important family decision-making.
The report highlights child trafficking, sexual exploitation, bonded child labour, forced mining and agricultural labour, child soldiers or combatants, forced child marriage and domestic slavery.
The prevailing forms of slavery in the Islamic Middle East were domestic slavery and political slavery (Christian captives taken by the Turks in the Balkans, emancipated, and trained in Constantinople to take high positions in the sultan's army or bureaucracy).
The pope, Bishop England insisted, condemns the slave trade and makes no reference to "domestic slavery." (36) Forsyth's concern rests primarily on a misinterpretation of the document's meaning, attributable to his desire to smear Catholics and confuse the electorate.
In a stimulating discussion on the slave trade and domestic slavery, Barry argues that both institutions contributed to the region's economic regression.
(19) The second example is the report on domestic slavery of the Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men of the Council of Europe (20) Finally, the "Charter of Rights for Migrant Domestic Workers" of the European network for migrant domestic workers, RESPECT, will be discussed.
There was to be no interference with Islamic religion and law, but slave trading was banned and domestic slavery was to be phased out.
"I never will concur in upholding domestic slavery," Morris exclaimed.
The situation of a homeless woman cries out for mercy; the responsibility to pay aliens a just wage guards against exploitation and domestic slavery. The question is, which ideal should prevail and when and what is the cost of choosing one over the other?