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He effectively argues that by studying the process of domestication, we can understand the motivations of the domesticators and why Americans have been so concerned with these sectarian people.
It is perhaps in this capacity, as determined domesticator of all contemporary trauma, that Wodehouse most saliently demonstrates his rejection of modernist values.
A growing number of researchers, conservationists, and plant domesticators are fighting to reverse the population declines these native fruit trees are experiencing.
Such culling continues in urban and rural areas alike, making modern humans canine breeders and domesticators similar to their prehistoric ancestors.
Literature shows that, worldwide, it is mainly women who are wild plant gatherers and managers, home gardeners and plant domesticators, herbalists and healers, as well as seed custodians (Howard-Borjas 2002, Howard 2003).
For a long time each group kept to itself, with homo sapiens because of their superior endowments developing rapidly from hunter gatherers to cultivators of grain and domesticators of animals.