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DETERMINATION OF TIME OF ECDYSIS TO THE ADULT IN ACHETA DOMESTICUS AT 26-27[degrees]C Appearance of Animal Time Elapsed from Ecdysis Pure white except for black eyes.
It is not clear why the bird - Latin name Passer domesticus - is disappearing but the British Trust for Ornithology has given its plight "high alert" status.
The domestication of the chicken - Gallus domesticus - is believed to have taken place about 3000 BC in India.
Key words: Aspergillus species, fungal keratitis, keratomycosis, ocular, bird, avian, khaki Campbell duck, Anas platyrhynchos domesticus
Most of the studies are about the embryonic period and the best studies about hatching and after hatching are mostly done on gallus domesticus [18].
First occurrence of the house mouse (Mus Musculus Domesticus Schwarz & Schwarz, 1943) in the western Mediterranean: a zooarchaeological revision of subfossil occurrences.
Food fights in house crickets, Acheta domesticus, and the effects of body size and hunger.
Acheta domesticus ydi'r enw gwyddonol arno a 'house cricket' yn Saesneg.
A literatura comporta poucos detalhes sobre a inervacao da lingua no que diz respeito aos ramos linguais do nervo hipoglosso no Sus scrofa domesticus, (L.
A house sparrow - Passer domesticus - perched on a twig; A goldfinch - Carduelis carduelis; A chaffinch - Fringilla coelebs; A blackbird - Turdus Merul
This experiment was performed on female Acheta domesticus demonstrating a substantially greater plasticity in the behavioral choices made after intra-cellular injection of picrotoxin (PTX) into the left ventral portion of the prothoracic ganglia.
To test his hunch, he and his colleagues offered big and small pine blocks to a common tropical dry-wood species of termite, Cryptotermes domesticus.