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This sudden change in agonistic behavior signifies the formation of the dominance relationship, and identifies the newly emerged subordinate and dominant (Herberholz et al.
In a pair of juvenile crayfish with established social ranks, the temporary introduction of a larger conspecific disrupted the dominance relationship of the original pair.
After the fight, the 2 males were held in the tank overnight for continuous contact and consolidation of the dominance relationship.
The urine signals are received by aesthetasc sensilla of the antennules (Johnson & Atema 2005) and serve in individual recognition (Karavanich & Atema 1998a, Karavanich & Atema 1998b), which is important in dominance relationships for both sexes.
therefore, ranking is based on the decreasing number of dominance relationships.
de Vries (1995) showed that Landau's h is preferable to Kendall's K when there are tied dominance relationships in a group of individuals.
Specifically, we consider the shifts of the distribution of the random return that are characterized by Stochastic Dominance relationships that allow for mean returns to change.
The observed delay was determined to be the result of an increase in time spent resolving the dominance relationship between the top two individuals.
Formation of a dominance relationship was determined based on consistent retreats in the first fight by one animal, and only pairs that exhibited a stable dominance relationship between the first and second fight were paired for a third fight.
Influence of environmental enrichment on aggressive behavior and dominance relationships in growing pigs.
We did not investigate age effects in our studies; however, to complete the understanding of the function of color in dominance relationships in the house finch, further studies need to be conducted that focus on responses of immature and adult brown-plumaged birds and their responses to plumage manipulations.