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A unipolar world, however--in which one state, by virtue of its military might and economic clout, dominates--is inherently threatening to weaker states, even when that dominant state is a liberal democracy.
The perennial Russian order -- the dominant state and a powerless, fragmented society -- remains largely in place.
The transition of power from one dominant state to another is a familiar historical pattern, but power diffusion is a more novel process.
Of course, this has meant a corresponding drop in market share for the previously dominant state broadcaster TVE, which Annechino estimated, "has fallen from a market share of around 26 percent to a new level of between 10 percent and 12 percent, as the market moved from having five national broadcasters to its current level of 32.
In this paper, we derive a reduced-order model for any linear discrete-time control system and our approach is based on the approach of using the dominant state of the given linear discrete-time control system, i.
He pointed out that the US is expending its objectives through a conspiracy and wanted to make India a dominant state of the region by creating differences between the people of Afghanistan , Iran and Pakistan .
Although the creation of a new licencing authority, Alnaft, and a new regulator, Authorite de Regulation des Hydrocarbures (ARH), went ahead, Sonatrach remains the dominant state player.
Mr Mugabe has campaigned freely at rallies given prominence by the dominant state newspapers and state television and radio, flying across the country in a presidential helicopter escorted by two military aircraft.
One of the forms of building autonomy is reconstructing the national culture, linguistic culture, historical culture to which we can relate and that had been either abandoned or repressed by the institutions of the dominant state.
Given the significance of Vyborg's shifting language patterns, as the city has been moved from one dominant state to another, the focus upon linguistic groups (Swedish, Finnish, German and Russian) provides an important framework for analysis.
If your manager walks into the office and says "I'd like to have a look at some information about XYZ Ltd", they are clearly in a visually dominant state.
The new Georgia flag reduces the Confederate emblem to one of five small historic flags below a dominant state seal on a blue background; the emblem was a dominant feature of the previous flag.

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