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Contender states contest the imperial projects of dominant states, accelerating development, culminating in today's extraordinary spread of capitalism into every nook and cranny including its authoritarian state variety masquerading as "communism.
26) Not only is it imperative that dominant states receive credible signals about other states' intentions, but it is also important that dominant states attempt to inculcate their norms within other states that, over time, might mount credible challenges to the dominant states' security.
In it, "weaker and secondary states have voice opportunities, and their agreement to operate within the order is based on the willingness of the dominant state to restrain and commit its power and lead in the provision of public goods.
Every subsystem functions according to the same logic as the overall system--with a dominant state on top and instability resulting from shifts in power.
Of course, this has meant a corresponding drop in market share for the previously dominant state broadcaster TVE, which Annechino estimated, "has fallen from a market share of around 26 percent to a new level of between 10 percent and 12 percent, as the market moved from having five national broadcasters to its current level of 32.
In their analysis that the curriculum serves mainly to advance a dominant state narrative, they call for the opportunity to allow students to consider alternative perspectives and draw their own conclusions, a position consistent with both Kazmi and Hashim's work as well as Swaine's emphasis on reciprocal and inclusive political deliberation.
Over a reign of twenty-three years, Philip turned Macedonia from the "sick man" of Greece into its dominant state.
In this paper, we derive a reduced-order model for any linear discrete-time control system and our approach is based on the approach of using the dominant state of the given linear discrete-time control system, i.
Although the creation of a new licencing authority, Alnaft, and a new regulator, Authorite de Regulation des Hydrocarbures (ARH), went ahead, Sonatrach remains the dominant state player.
Mr Mugabe has campaigned freely at rallies given prominence by the dominant state newspapers and state television and radio, flying across the country in a presidential helicopter escorted by two military aircraft.
When the transceiver drives the bus with a logic 0, the dominant state, the CANH line goes to a higher voltage and the CANL line goes to a lower voltage.
One of the forms of building autonomy is reconstructing the national culture, linguistic culture, historical culture to which we can relate and that had been either abandoned or repressed by the institutions of the dominant state.

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