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16) Dompas was the colloquial name for the passbook that black South Africans were forced to carry during apartheid.
For many South Africans, the day will always remain Sharpeville Day, a commemoration of the March 21, 1960, Sharpeville massacre, when the police mowed down 69 unarmed people and injured 180 others who refused to carry the hated dompas identity document that was meant only for indigenous Africans.
Dompas were a major feature of apartheid and figured prominently in literature depicting the cruelties, humiliations, and broken lives associated with the apartheid state.
Ramusi and his people live and die by the dompas, the pass book that dictates migrant laborers' activity to such an extent that a married couple's life together is often reduced to functional baby-making visits" that violate the pass laws.
In a simplified form that does not include stretching energy, this model was later used by Dompas and Groeninckx in their work on PVC blends (18).