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acuerdo a V Md como lo mando si se avisara a dona Maria Chacon o al marques de Denia lo que se provee para que lo sepan y prevengan de lo necesario para el casamiento de don Gonzalo y de dona Luisa en Madrid>> Gaztelu a Felipe II, Madrid 7 de febrero de 1575, AHN, Consejos, leg.
Dona spoke of connections made since his son's death with families in other states, who also lost children while serving the country in the armed forces.
DONA VISITACION.- Pues se paga, yo quiero una cosa para toda la vida.
The Dona lake project has seen no modern Geophysical exploration and the company believes this airborne will assist in identifying new targets on the Dona Lake property.
Cooke will be heading the European launch of La Dona Fruit and plans to establish regional presence in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Munich, and Paris.
Leyenda: Dona Sofia (80), con un mono de flores, asistio por primera vez a estas regatas.
Me lo desaparecieron los mismos chicos que, como mi hijo, creyeron en las promesas de los huachicoleros", narra dona Nancy.
Phillips merited good reviews...but so did Valera, more accurately the costumes of Dona Clara (shown on this page).
Picasso learned from her mother, Dona Chela (the store's namesake), the art of making tortillas.
Summary: Dona wins international boxing championship in Jordan
A kilogram of Dona Maria Jasponica White Rice would go up to P105, from the current P100, while a 25-kilogram bag of Dona Maria Jasponica White Rice would rise to P1,950, from P1,850.
The authors, eminent scholars, have brought to fruition their wonderful labour of love on the story of the achievements of Dona Juliana Dias da Costa, a Portuguese Catholic lady at the Mughal Court.