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Dona spoke of connections made since his son's death with families in other states, who also lost children while serving the country in the armed forces.
When I ask about growing up in Dona Park, she smirks.
For the purposes of a comparative study between the ritual drama moros y cristianos and Dona Perfecta, I have selected the specific portrayal of the festival as it is performed in Alcoy, since historians of the ritual festival agree that it is perhaps the most famous of these representations.
Below: Dona Al Turk, Consul General of Lebanon, joins the celebrations.
Earlier we did not play Holi because he was busy playing cricket for India," Dona Ganguly said.
It emerged that Dona Isabel's father was British, married to a Spanish woman and living in Huelva at the time of the Second World War.
Buachaill Dona sports the black and white colours of Mike Browne, who said: "David has gone to Chester but Buachaill Dona has done it really well.
Ironically, the racetrack at which Dona Chepa has failed so spectacularly is named after the horse who holds the world record for cosecutive victories, Camarero having won 56 straight races in Puerto Rico in the 1950s.
The matter had gradually diminished in his mind, but in Dona Dolores's it had behaved like a rolling snowball, reaching the phenomenal proportions of a unanimous world confabulation to vex them, to mock their honorable poverty.
The tale, set in Mexico, begins as Dona Ana confides her brother is desperately in love with the beautiful Dona Leonor who he has discovered is trying to elope with her lover Don Carlos.
Eventually the pair forge a tight, happy family bond--until bitter estranged grandmother Dona Teresa (Empar Ferret) intrudes, going to cruel lengths to remove Bernardo from Pedro's house.
Chile's second largest privately-owned mine, Dona Ines de Collahuasi, has spent $240,000 on wireless networks at a mine-owned hotel where workers stay during a shift; in extraction systems; and on board loading trucks, says Arnolgo Clunes, computer manager for the hotel.