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Kenichiro Donai (Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics Graduate School of Agriculture, Tohoku University) for kindly review of this manuscript.
Diagnosis of IP is made by the diagnostic criterion given by Landy and Donai (2).
Nineteen-year-old Weightman had enlisted the help of Mark Donai, 32, to drug and smother his parents in a plot to get rich from a life assurance payout.
Procacci transcribes the last three words as "che li donai,"(35) meaning that Michelangelo gave the bust to Ridolfi, but the Cardinal died in 1550 and it is highly improbable that Michelangelo first gave the unfinished bust to him and then retrieved it after Ridolfi's death for Calcagni to complete.
These sexy scenes scared Donai off being involved, especially given the current more conservative climate of Egypt and her fear of being pidgeon-holed another Ghada Abdel Razek , or a provocative actress.
Terry Donai, 38, was given two concurrent life sentences after he was unanimously found guilty by a court in New South Wales of killing Pam and Bill Weightman, who emigrated to Oz from Gateshead with their adopted son David in the 1980s.
Donai is alleged to have helped David drug and strangle the couple before pushing their car off the road and down an embankment in January, 2000.
Meg and Alan, who also emigrated from Gateshead, are also awaiting the result of the trial of David's alleged accomplice Terry Donai, 38, who is also charged with the double murder.
Today the Chronicle can name him as Terry Donai, 38.
Sarah Donais of Chatham, ON -- A student at Chatham-Kent Secondary School and the daughter of Shelia Martin
He starts cheering for Meb, and Uta starts barking at the TV,'' said Melissa Donais, Jenkins' wife who named their Brittany spaniel after her running idol, former Boston champion Uta Pippig.
SR5; Oghogho Edomwonyi, "Rwanda: The Importance of Local Ownership of the Post-conflict Reconstruction Process," Conflict Trends 4 (2003): 43; Timothy Donais, "Empowerment or Imposition?