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"He Made Him Up: 'Big Two-Hearted River' as Doppleganger." Critical Essays on Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time.
Something transactional needs to happen if the reader is to recognize the pattern or template--when it dawns on him or her that he or she has been, as it were, "had," when he or she realizes that what seemed like a novel or original story is actually a kind of Doppleganger for--or reincarnation or offspring of--the actual original: on which the secondary version now affords a kind of commentary.--Or vice versa.
So the scene is set for what promises to be the best drama this summer - unsurprisingly given the scribe is Stephen Moffat, the Dr Who supremo who has turned Cumberbatch into the crimesolving doppleganger of Doc, Matt Smith.
Multidisciplinary contributors examine facets of fear in studies of literature (e.g., Don Quixote's Spanish Baroque era link between horror and laughter); feminized fear (e.g., in the film Pan's Labyrinth, Edgar Allan Poe's doppleganger narrative Ligeia); horror films (including Corpse Bride, 2005, and the Ringu film adaptation of Japanese Koji Suzuki's fantasy novels); and politics and power (as in fundamentalism and terrorism).
However, taking the biscuit was a Kurt Cobain doppleganger trying to get his wicked way with a Courtney Love lookalike, who was sporting a 'Clare for Prime Minister' T-shirt.
Yassine's act of bearing witness is paradoxical: Only by becoming Anne's internal witness--a doppleganger or reverse "muselman"--does he finally manage to liberate his own testimony; he is now able to take Anne Frank as an internal witness who can testify to the murder of his young brother, from the very impossibility of address (Felman), caused this time by state censorship, not annihilation.
(23) In Miguel Cardinale's provocative analysis of "Algo sucede en el ultimo balcon," he observes that "La figura del doble o Doppleganger [sic], con sus obligadas resonancias homosexuales, se reiterara en casi toda la obra de Arenas" (266).
And thus Edgar's doppleganger seems not such an unimportant character after all, and the subplots &this tale may not be random or mishandled but thematically contructed to convey Edgar's anxieties, desires, and even threats.
Unlike his fictional doppleganger, however, the real Bogart was an actual tailor, a man ready to back up his sign with suits (Naipaul, "Prologue" 21-22).
Googleganger, a play on doppleganger, means a person with your name who shows up when you Google yourself.
From evolving concepts of haunted houses and motivators for writing The Exorcist to the history and psychology of the doppleganger, ICONS OF HORROR AND THE SUPERNATURAL compiles historical, literary and psychological references under one cover and represents a key reference for any college-level collection.
In 1999, after noticing his doppleganger in passing at various clubs, artist Slater Bradley formally met Benjamin Brock.