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Latent; inactive; silent. That which is dormant is not used, asserted, or enforced.

A dormant partner is a member of a partnership who has a financial interest yet is silent, in that he or she takes no control over the business. The partner's identity is secret because the individual is unknown to the public.


adjective abeyant, asleep, at rest, deactivated, hibernating, iacere, in abeyance, in suspense, inactive, inert, inoperative, latent, passive, quiet, resting, sleeping, slumbering, smoldering, static, still, suspended, torpid, unaroused, unawakened, unwakened
Associated concepts: dormant case, dormant corporation, dormant judgment, dormant partner, dormant powers, dormant season
See also: dead, inactive, insensible, lifeless, otiose, passive, potential, stagnant, static, torpid
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Mohammad Marria of will writing company Just Wills said there are a number of regulations that cover numerous of types of dormant accounts and sets out protocols for dealing with them.
The ability of neural stem cells to switch from their dormant state and begin to proliferate is crucial in the brain.
Dormant oils can be very effective with minimal impact on the environment when used properly.
"This means no transactions will be effected on any account declared dormant unless the owners apply for reactivation in line with the CDSC Accounts Dormancy Rules and Procedures effected in May last year.The agency had granted inactive investors a grace period of nine months from June last year.
It is believed that millions of dollars are lying unclaimed in dormant bank accounts and terminated pension plans.
We do not agree, though, with the application of the dormant Commerce Clause in this case.
The Regulation covers a number of types of dormant accounts and sets out protocols for dealing with them.
The researchers used a new method to study what happens in the disease-causing cells that go dormant and hide in the body.
Likewise, cases of other dormant companies working under administrative control of other departments will be presented at the cabinet meeting.
The local media reported that the volcano, located on the Kadovar Island, situated in north-eastern Papua New Guinea, lay dormant until yesterday when it began to erupt at around noon.
Ms Crouch said: "By unlocking millions of pounds from dormant accounts for a range of good causes we can make a real difference to lives and communities across the country.
OLX, the online platform that connects buyers and sellers, is also aiming to tap one aspect of the Pakistani economy - the dormant sector that just keeps growing, but doesn't add much to business activity.