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Making the transition from dorm to apartment can be as daunting as it is exciting.
UO officials have discussed the dorm plan for more than a year.
2 - Pillows - College dorm rooms lack seating, so having dorm items like bedrests and body pillows will add more comfort to the dorm bed when the college student is sleeping, but can also be used as extra seating in a pinch.
Dolphin Dorms LLC paid $860,000 in late July for 4.
Based on the questionnaire data from Phase I, 238 dorm rooms with 473 students were inspected and measured in Phase II.
Al-Ahram reported that the fight began after an Egyptian female student had suffered physical and verbal abuses from a Sudanese student in the dorms.
Some time prior to the selection of the new warden, the prison chaplain introduced concepts of restorative justice to Holman's faith-based dorm.
Dorm room phones, once a solid revenue stream of long distance charges, now rarely ring, and IHEs either don't necessarily provide landline handsets or may not even have the service installed in new buildings.
a knock on my dorm room door, and a cheerful voice saying, "Good morning -- time to get up
Robert Walsh, director of the 14th Street-Union Square Business Improvement District, said it would be the sixth dorm in the area, and having hundreds of students in residence would be a boon to local businesses and restaurants.
8220;Extra seating in dorm rooms is really important,” said Brittany Ciullo, a DormCo customer service representative.