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A short distance posterior to the cross-sectional level in Figure 4G, the stomochord and perihaemal coeloms disappear, and the collar cord emerges at the posterior neuropore to continue as the dorsal nerve cord of the trunk.
5) It is at this location where the PN divides into its three terminal branches: inferior rectal nerve, perineal nerve and the dorsal nerve to the penis/clitoris.
The persistent neural adverse events, which have been reported to occur in 10 to 15% of patients, appear to occur secondary to the accumulation of platinum in dorsal nerve root ganglia.
The viral particles migrate from the skin to the dorsal nerve root ganglia outside the spinal column.
On the question of treatment, Hare observed that, by the second half of the nineteenth century, "surgical and pharmacological methods of preventing ma sturbation were certainly widespread," mentioning depressant drugs and chastity devices for both sexes; infibulation of the foreskin, castration and severing the dorsal nerve of the penis in males; and clitoridectomy and ovariotomy in females.
Ramon-Cueto and Nieto-Sampedro (Madrid) severed rat dorsal nerve roots, the location where sensory nerves connect to the spinal cord.
In 1894, marine biologist Walter Garstang suggested that the primitive ciliary band, which harbors neurons, evolved into the dorsal nerve cord of vertebrates.
Based upon the premise that EMLA cream would be equally effective in alleviating pain, in compari- son to penile dorsal nerve block a study was con- ducted in the Surgical Unit B, Department of Pae- diatric Surgery National Institute of Child Health Karachi from May 2008 to October 2008.
The nearby dorsal nerve can be anesthetized by raising a small skin wheal using 1.

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