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22mm horizontal dot pitch, this corporate class monitor is the ideal enterprise-wide solution for ergonomically correct workstations.
Along with the exceptional dot pitch, this new monitor possesses an abundance of features, including:
54m2; 659-inch Light emitting element < High luminance LED element (red, blue and green) Dot pitch < 8 mm Pixel size (dot) < 1,152 (w) x 640 (h) <
The newly ordered display will be a 17 m x 7 m high-definition main screen featuring high-luminance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) aligned in a 10 mm dot pitch (see "Specifications" below).
The SV210 is a flat-screen monitor featuring a dot pitch of 0.
With its 6mm dot pitch, the PopVision is ideal for events requiring sharp visual displays, as well as mobility for challenging staging and event applications.
Both models feature a fine dot pitch, with a flat square tube, and an icon-based on-screen display menu for easy user control.