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DOTE, Span. law. The property which the wife gives to the husband on account of marriage.
     2. It is divided into adventitia and profectitia; the former is the dote which the father or grandfather, or other of the ascendants in the direct paternal line, give of their own property to the husband; the latter (adventitia) is that property which the wife gives to the husband, or that which is given to him for her by her mother, or her collateral relations, or a stranger. Aso & Man. Inst. B. 1, t. 7, c . 1, Sec. i.

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Dote is a safety instructor at HMC and former president of the Philippine Association of Safety Engineers (PHASE-Qatar).
L'Egypte se dote d'une bonne atmosphere economique qui peut contenir plus d'investissements etrangers surtout italiens dans la prochaine periode", a-t-il ajoute en marge d'une visite de la delegation de ladite Association en Egypte.
Inkys Dote won 18 races in 2004 and was second in the Irish winner list behind - yes, Mineola Farloe.
Meanwhile the brain's other hemisphere continued to dote upon the mentally retarded hero of Forrest Gump--a movie repeatedly cited for its positive counter-countercultural values at a "conservative summit" on Hollywood part-sponsored by The National Review.
Le premier programme, dote de 17 millions d'euros, porte sur un appui a la diversification industrielle et economique.
Race of the night could be the opener where Inkys Dote will be attempting to get back on the winning track, but may be defied by the Fraser Black-trained Ancient Title.
The photography of sculpture is full of such moves; in life, lovers take a part for the whole, parents dote on a child's ringlets, children investigate things by pulling, banging, and poking--"Man," said Schiller, "only plays when, in the full meaning of the word, he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays"; even cats toy with their kill.