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Double Image has released three CDs, including "Duotones" and "Open Hand.
The space between the student days and the childhood days is peppered with items from Dali's mature works: his beach landscapes are suggested in the landscape at lower left; the double image of the dog recalls his interest in optics; the molecular diagram of the bull's head reminds us of his fascination .
Quasar QSO 0957 + 56 is detected as a double image because it appears to be split as it goes around another galaxy.
Now we have a startling double image of Brooke as a beautiful woman in fishnets - and a butch biker in leathers.
And although they are making a mint based on their double image, their mother is working on making them different.
The future of conservation technology presents a curious double image.
Answers include: printing the linoleum block end to end to create a border, printing the design in a four square, alternating the linoleum, switching colors, and even printing double image designs.
Their double image makes them more in demand than ever as exotic dancers in top London nightclubs.
The double image of goldsmiths as official agents/covert enemies of the state enabled the king to suggest in his economic proclamations that the quality of coins had been tampered with only for the "private lucre and gaine" of unscrupulous individuals exploiting positions of trust.
The installation will feature a double image of Lennon's profile with his Rickenbacker guitar, peace doves and the Double Fantasy flower set in a circle.
Even when the sun is hidden behind clouds or just below the horizon, it is possible to pinpoint its location by detecting the polarization of light Scientists have thought that Vikings' sunstones may have been made of a kind of calcite crystal called Iceland spar, which is "birefringent," meaning that it splits the light that enters it and produces a double image.