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Double cuffs for business, single for the weekends are the basic rule of thumb.
The Downing Street incumbent opted for a dark blue suit, a light blue double cuff shirt and a chic lilac tie.
This purple large check luxury Oxford Windsor slim fit double cuff shirt is pounds 79.
The double cuff allowed the upper cuff to be deflated while the lower cuff partially occluded the artery and thus provided further amplification of the pressure wave.
The new Artigiano mail order catalogue features Jayne Torvill (here in a fitted white cotton double cuff shirt, pounds 65, and stretch cotton indigo boot cut denim jeans, pounds 69) and Karen Barber.
Although I have a single cuff case on my duty belt, I also have a double cuff case that piggybacks the two sets of cuffs so that it doesn't take up more room on the
Tenders are invited for Manufacturing And Supply Of Double Cuff Bends, Plain And Bend Rubber Sox, Coupling D-Cuff As Per Drawings
The pair's wardrobe includes detachable collars, collar pins, double cuff shirts, fob chains, cashmere Crombie coats and the obligatory Blinder suits: blue pinstrip and herringbone.
Refined over 30 years of sailing, the Marinepool 'Hobart' offshore sailing jacket is breathable and waterproof and features abrasion resistant and pre-shaped sleeves, protective face guard, chest pocket with welded, waterproof zipper, 3M reflective patches and printing, neon hood, double cuff system with laminated inner PU cuffs and a fleece-lined collar.