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QUADRUPLICATION, pleading. Formerly this word was used instead of surrebutter. 1 Bro. Civ. Law, 469, n.

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They said after the opening of double track between Raiwind and Okara the complete double track will be operational between Lahore and Karachi.
The transition from single track to double track section is about 16,800 km (laterally Bernstrasse in the forest).
In addition, we have the 13 miles of the Stourbridge, Dudley, Walsall double track rail line also devoid of trains and stations.
Well, I think that Turkey has to have this double track [strategy] in the fight against terrorism, meaning that the military and the police forces should be used against terrorist attacks, but on the other hand, the vast majority of reasonable Kurdish people in Turkey should be given some sort of a chance to be more easily integrated into the society.
The Permanent Way (PW) officials of the railways said the double tracks would also improve the punctual running of the trains.
I think Penistone Line operator Northern Rail would be quite happy to see double track, but the Government doesn't want to spend any money on it.
During the construction phase, a decision was made to provide just three miles of double track instead of nine.
The accordion playing Rathangan man has issued a double track radio promo and the full album will be issued later in the summer.
The export credit would be used to finance the construction of the Cirebon-Kroya double track railway project in West Java and the Surabaya-Madura (Suramadu) bridge spanning the Madura strait in East Java.
Chiltern said that converting the line to a double track would remove a bottleneck which currently caused delays to services along the whole route.
The design of the slider and the double track zipper provide a smooth and easy to use closure, which works well on even very large packs, ensuring a total seal when fully closed.
A FINE new double track expressway has been built across Anglesey.