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This task becomes difficult in double-talk and in the presence of loud ambient noise, where the echo canceller may become confused and intermittently cancel the user's speech by mistake.
He makes the tortured double-talk of Yes Minister's fictionalSir Humphrey Appleton seem like the model of clarity.
Any attempt to double-talk and circumvent responsibility will just end up highlighting its dubious ethical and humanitarian standards as well as aggravating the squabble with China, which has earned greater confidence by adhering to its initial stance that its police were providing protection for diplomats.
Much of what the United Nations does and intends to do is clouded by double-talk, but its intentions regarding private firearms ownership are unmistakable.
Too often, corporate communicators have compromised their integrity by bending honesty to suit their management's double-talk or no-talk style.
Double-talk detection can be invoked to avoid updating filter coefficients when there is simultaneous speech from both ends of the communication link.
The American people are tired of double-talk, finger-pointing, and excuses.
THE Premier yesterday denounced evil intentions and double-talk which cause unrest and have nothing to do with democracy.
We can expect a bit of double-talk from Papal advisers if they are operating a cover-up operation.
So much nonsense, double-talk and triple-crossing and standing around looking good goes on, it feels more like a floating holiday across Europe with a lot of beautiful people and Bernie Mac.
It is no time for double-talk, posturing or political points-scoring.
It cut through all the double-talk our national organizations do to bring in those almighty dollars.