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This task becomes difficult in double-talk and in the presence of loud ambient noise, where the echo canceller may become confused and intermittently cancel the user's speech by mistake.
A TOP scholar yesterday accused the US of opportunism and double-talk.
Our exposure on Armed Forces Day of yet more double-talk by ministers is another example of the Coalition standing up for the wrong people.
But even allowing for the Conservative double-talk of things being made better for democracy, the changes, by geography, would also vastly favour them.
It supports robust double-talk detection, high performance full duplex operation and automatic gain control.
The result of this is that weaker and disadvantaged groups in Britain, not simply children, are not going to be served or helped any more in the future; the first love being the love of money, which is dressed up by each of them in jargon, confusion and double-talk whenever put on the spot.
We are still behind the times and being led by the stolid and traditionalist double-standards shown in the controlling blackmail of ecclesiastical double-talk.
The double-talk, the stalling, the postponing and new interpretations of the city charter and arguments over attorney-client privilege all amount to one thing: He doesn't want the public to see what's going on,'' Chick said.
This sort of desperate double-talk will just remind people why they reject Howard's style of leadership, which stands for nothing, has nothing positive to offer and simply opposes for opposition's sake.
He makes the tortured double-talk of Yes Minister's fictionalSir Humphrey Appleton seem like the model of clarity.
Much of what the United Nations does and intends to do is clouded by double-talk, but its intentions regarding private firearms ownership are unmistakable.