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DOVE. The name of a well known bird.
     2. Doves are animals ferae naturae, and not the subject of larceny, unless they are in the owner's custody; as, for example, in a dove-house, or when in the nest before they can fly. 9 Pick. 15. See Whelp.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Captain Dove was up in the old wooden pulpit, gazing solemnly down upon his company, who, having stacked their arms in the porch, now sat in the bare pews singing a Sunday-school hymn with great vigour and relish.
"Let us pray," said Captain Dove, with as much reverence as an army chaplain; and, folding his hands, he repeated a prayer which he thought all would know an excellent little prayer, but not exactly appropriate to the morning, for it was
Captain Dove looked rather taken aback at this outbreak in the ranks; but, being a dignified and calm personage, he quelled the rising rebellion with great tact and skill, by saying, briefly
"Then the chief of seamen knew that gladness was at hand, and he sent forth after three weeks the wild dove who came not back again; for she saw the land of the greening trees.
Like a flash she dove once more and, turning, struck out rapidly straight back beneath the oncoming boat.
And with dove season opening this week, hopefully many of you will have a few dove to eat.
The only time Fardous felt terrified on the entire expedition was when she dove for the second time a few days later.
TFI Envision was delighted to assist the Baby Dove team in the development of packaging for two Baby Dove Gift Sets for the USA, as well as adapting the new packaging graphics to various product sizes and SKUs for the USA and other regions.
"At Dove Chocolate, we're always challenging ourselves to find new ways to satisfy our fans' palettes," said Kerry Cavanaugh, brand director of Dove Chocolate.
Baby Dove has products for all skin types in its Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture ranges.
Skin darkening, bumpy "chicken skin" and sweat control are among the concerns of women; according to a study conducted by Dove, 84 percent of Filipino women are unhappy with their underarms.
"They taste good, are larger so you get more meat per bird and they don't count against your (mourning dove) bag limit."