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To help handle the costs, Vanatta has set up the ( Obie Doxie Fund , a PayPal account that allows fans to donate and help get Obie fit.
Some doxies streaked, some scampered and others strolled - and a few refused to start at all - but the ultimate winner was never in doubt: 14-month-old Kittie, the darling of Cottage Grove residents Josh King and Kaitlin McKinnon, left everyone else in the dust.
Doxie, who is a research assistant for the child and adolescent phobia project at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg.
that Massini had probably brought Taylor some extra ammo and if Taylor did shoot him, Massini and Taylor would be "doxie dancing" on his grave.
My 4-year-old Doxie [Beagle-Dachshund] excels at it.
True to form Ivor dramatically raises the temperature as he tangoes seductively across the screen when returning to that White Coffin, sending shudders of delight through the stalls by ripping his doxie's dress from the hip down so that she can dance more easily.
While Arthur Whitfield and Julius Ruffin were serving sentences for what appeared to be unrelated offenses, their lives, the lives of the women they had been convicted of raping and sodomizing, and the lives of still other sexual assault victims would become discernibly intertwined with the criminal career of Aaron Doxie, III.
Doxie is set to change that with Doxie One, a sleek scanner that works well with your PC, Mac or iPad.
Inspired by one of her favorite shows, "Deadliest Catch," Amanda Gomez dressed in yellow plastic overalls and raced with her Doxie, Lita, dressed in a lobster costume.
S., My boss brings his Doxie, Rusty, to work everyday.