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Moreover, similar to the Bressman and Gluck study, this survey also asked whether "it matter[s] to your rule drafting practices whether courts routinely rely on any of these rules," Q27 (n=98), and, by substantive canon, whether the rule drafter "believefs] that courts rely on any of these rules in interpreting legislation," Q26(a)-(g) (n=98).
This Article, which is part of a symposium on the future of the administrative state, explores the Chief Justice's more limited approach to Chevron deference and details how recent empirical studies of statutory and regulatory drafters may well provide some support for a context-specific Chevron doctrine.
Next, the drafter can provide a description of then invention and any contemplated alternatives.
congressional drafter colorfully explained that "Scalia is a bright
There will be a predominance of Drafter profile and Non-Recursive subprofile in direct translation since participants seek to achieve a reliable task output at the end of drafting phase in their L1 (the direction in which they usually translate).
Once the distribution waterfall is drafted, the drafter next drafts an allocation provision that allocates items of partnership income, gain, loss, deduction, and credit to force the partners' ending capital accounts to equal the amount each partner would receive if the partnership sold all of its assets for book value and liquidated the partnership in accordance with the distribution waterfall.
The drafters will present the draft charter to the ASEAN foreign ministers during their annual meeting in Manila on Monday.
Rare book cataloging of machine-press books (Manon Theroux drafter, Beth Russell leader);
The challenge of creating texts that fulfil these requirements falls to the legislative drafter.
According to Oliver, this required extra legwork and other problems that really frustrated the drafters and it was difficult to provide copies of the maps on an ad hoc basis to field engineers.
Now, the engineer and the drafter sit side by side and work together.
Cluster-1 consisted of 22 skilled occupations and was represented by occupations such as Aircraft Mechanic, Surveyor, Drafter, Electronic Technician, Machinist, and Tool/Die Maker.