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Draftsmen undertake a detailed assessment of costs - a process which is controlled by statute in England and Wales.
Under the AEDPA, "material support" already included financing, weapons and explosives, lethal substances, training, personnel, facilities, lodging, safe houses, communications equipment, transportation, and "other physical assets." The PATRIOT Act added a new item to the litany of the banned: "expert advice and assistance." There is no legislative history to explain why the addition was necessary, or what the Justice Department draftsmen had in mind.
"There is not an 'A' school set up for draftsmen so the course is structured around helping the students be successful in all aspects of art," said Fitts.
It may have been done at other times, on different walls, and one hopes it will go on being installed, transcribed by different draftsmen, when we are all long gone.
Ms Sheilagh Moffat, president of the Birmingham and West Midlands Society of Chartered Accountants, said it was good news for parliamentary draftsmen, but bad news for those who would have to administer and advise on the new rules.
"It is as if the draftsmen deliberately make them complex when they don't need to be," he said.
In this association, the school had but one thing to do: stay in step with the factory relative to the number of individuals being prepared.(38) Many authors found the metaphors of industrial production irresistible in describing the school: "Of course, teaching was centered solely on the needs of the factory and, depending on orders, they produced more or less fitters, more or less accountants or draftsmen."(39) In keeping with this philosophy, Le Creusot forbade students to take state exams: the curriculum specialized in the applied sciences of use to the factory to the exclusion of the "intellectual and purely speculative disciplines" taught in republican schools.(40)
MBA is comprised of licensed architects and engineers, draftsmen, designers, project managers, estimators, construction superintendents, laborers, and carpenters.
Local 571 of the Marine Draftsmen's Association (United Automobile Workers) and the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics agreed to a 3-year contract, covering about 1,650 white-collar workers (draftsmen, designers, technicians, and engineers) in the company's Groton, CT, shipyard.