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Draftsmen undertake a detailed assessment of costs - a process which is controlled by statute in England and Wales.
51 The training of draftsmen in the Special Group was particularly crucial to Le Creusot's strategy of limiting workers' autonomy in decisions concerning production.
He liked to work with the TV on, tuned to classic movies if there was no baseball, and he spent a lot of time drawing from the tube in a hand evoking the great draftsmen of the early nineteenth century.
Much of the book spotlights Disney's Imagineers - engineers, machinists, draftsmen and set designers - who were content to work in the shadows.
Since most of our students are already employed in an engineering organization as draftsmen or technicians and looking to advance their careers, many can immediately apply these new skills in their workplace.
The next Constitutional Affairs Committee meeting will be on October 3-4 by which time the two draftsmen hope to have a first version of their report.
Both launched their careers as draftsmen - Warhol as a commercial illustrator, Nadar as a sharp-eyed caricaturist.
His collection includes Bryant(TM), a highly legible sans serif inspired by the mechanical lettering kits used by draftsmen and amateur sign makers.
Richard Corbett (PES, UK), a senior member of the EP's Constitutional Affairs Committee and joint draftsman on the Parliament's report on the Constitution with Inigo Mendez de Vigo (EPP-ED, Spain) explained that after the two biggest groups had provided draftsmen for the last major reports on the Constitution, it was the turn of smaller groups to draft the EP's opinion on the "pause for reflection".