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DRAGOMAN. An interpreter employed in the east, and particularly at the Turkish court.
     2. The Act of Congress of August 26, 1842, c. 201, s. 8, declares that it shall not be lawful for the president of the United States to allow a dragoman at Constantinople, a salary of more than two thousand five hundred dollars.

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By contrast, a second tale of Alexander, told by the Dragoman in the village (the same guide who failed the English hostages), depicts him in the guise of a modern bandit.
We have been in discussion with Dragoman and will be offering an alternative holiday of the same value," a Lonely Planet Magazine spokesperson said.
Finnish consulting and engineering group Poyry Plc (OMX Helsinki:POY) said on Wednesday (27 August) that it has been awarded two engineering contracts by the Ministry of Transport of Bulgaria for technical assistance for the modernisation of the railway line along the Sofia - Dragoman and Sofia - Pernik - Radomir sections in Bulgaria.
The spectre of communism looms large over this haunting, emotional short-story novel by award-winning Hungarian writer Gyorgy Dragoman.
For example we visit the house of dragoman which has been restored as part of the Nicosia Master Plan.
The latter were generally Ottoman subjects despite attempts to Venetianize the service by training new generations of giovani di lingua: inherited from the Greek, Arabic, Aramaic, and even Akkadian, the term dragoman designated the interpreter every bailo needed in this multilingual setting.
As Beatrice criss-crosses the countryside with her Arab dragoman, Aziz, in search of flowers, her visits to biblical sites provide the opportunity for Megged to meditate on the long and tortuous history of that ancient land--a history shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
In 1223, a dragoman of Georgia arrived in Bukhara with his harem to shop for Chinese silk.
My only comfort, a black dragoman, tribal scars on his face, until my parents returned from a performance of belly dancers and made the discovery that I had been bitten by an army of fire ants.
The driver, Mencken reports, is "a Soudanese Negro who had been a dragoman in Cairo and spoke very fair English.
Nonu and Cornelia Dragoman say they had a virtual relationship for three months before seeing each other.