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DRAGOMAN. An interpreter employed in the east, and particularly at the Turkish court.
     2. The Act of Congress of August 26, 1842, c. 201, s. 8, declares that it shall not be lawful for the president of the United States to allow a dragoman at Constantinople, a salary of more than two thousand five hundred dollars.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As a screen side companion to the nineteenth World Cup--from June 11 to July 11 in South Africa--The Global Game: Writers on Soccer (2008) contains fifty five selections, including several writers mentioned in this essay: Rafael Alberti (Spain), Gyorgy Dragoman (Hungary), Eduardo Galeano (Uruguay), Elisabet Jokulsdottir (Iceland), and Osvaldo Soriano (Argentina).
Dragoman tells the story from the perspective of Djata, an 11-year-old boy living in an Eastern European communist dictatorship.
China and Central Asia are definitely on the up." And he thinks 'overlanding', travelling in a 4WD vehicle on long journeys, is the most adventurous form of travel (Dragoman, the country's leading overland specialist, started with one vehicle and now has 35).
The considered opinion of "a Soudanese Negro who had been a dragoman in Cairo and spoke very fair English"?
Nonu and Cornelia Dragoman say they had a virtual relationship for three months before seeing each other.
In honor of the occasion, he and Charles Langdon--Twain's future brother-in-law, whom he had met on the trip--donned dragoman's suits of Ottoman Turkish style.
SOUTH AMERICA Dragoman (01728861133) offers seven-and-a-half- week journey adventure from Quito to Santiago via Amazon Jungle, Chilean and Peruvian deserts, trekInca Trail to Machu Picchu,Lake Titicaca and Bolivia for total pounds 1,790,plus pounds 500 in kitty.
Travelling with his dragoman (a Christian from Jerusalem) his English servant Joseph Finch, his Greek cook Dimitri, five Syrian muleteers and sometimes his wife too, Sykes relates the many adventures of this international group in a wonderfully observant narrative.
In the succession of great embassies to the Porte at Istanbul, the dragoman was indispensible, an important figure in his own right.
Freshwater facts: Spend three days camping by Lake Malawi as part of a 22-night trek through Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania with Dragoman. The Safari Experience tour costs pounds 895 in late September, plus a pounds 220 food kitty.
Ted has tipped for ten different publications down the years, starting off with that famous old tipping sheet, Dragoman.
They are in a group of English tourists traveling by mule in rural Greece with the guidance of a dragoman, or interpreter.