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All Birco systems are compliant with the BS EN 1433:2002 standard for channel drainage systems," says Barron.
Investigation of the effect of different subsurface drainage systems on the water table components and water table depths were two of the main objectives of this pilot study considered in this paper.
But because the drainage system does not have the capacity to handle more than a three-month storm event, the area between 13 and 27 Brightwood Ave.
Manyang has asked the state minister of physical infrastructure to work day and night to create a drainage system leading to the river Nile.
A series of works are taking place at Hardwick Dene in Stockton to provide a new sustainable urban drainage system.
INSURERS have called on the Government to overhaul the UK's "Victorian" drainage system to prevent homes flooding.
Concern about the drainage system at Rhoose Point, in the Vale of Glamorgan, which has yet to be formally taken on by Welsh Water, has been mounting over several years.
A PICTURESQUE Midland village which has been hit by flooding problems is to get a new pounds 180,000 drainage system.
The firm specialises in providing drainage systems to clear surface water from sites such as lorry parks, car parks, distribution centres and airports.
Work includes repairs, additions, and alterations to buildings, roads, drainage systems and utility systems; and new construction of buildings, roads, drainage systems and utility systems construction tasks.
Taglined "the journal for decentralized wastewater treatment solutions," the magazine carries information on water treatment equipment and methods with coverage of such topics as pumps and filters, septic systems, oil/water separators, monitoring equipment, control systems, aeration, software, new technologies and drainage systems.
Because replacement of the drainage system requires physically destroying the greens, land preparation costs incurred in building modern golf course greens have the same life as their underlying drainage systems and, thus, are depreciable land improvements.