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SUSPENSE. When a rent, profit a prendre, and the like, are, in consequence of the unity of possession of the rent, &c., of the land out of which they issue, not in esse for a time, they are said to be in suspense, tunc dormiunt, but they may be revived or awakened. Co, Litt. 313 a.

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I feel that some dramatic tension has been lost along the way and there is a glossing over of the pieces more problematic parts, but an essential experience nevertheless.
Director David Barrett extinguishes any dramatic tension early on while Vinnie Jones delivers a risible supporting performance.
Written and directed by Norwegian Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow), this is a pale imitation of The Hunger Games meets Snow White & The Huntsman, all fairy tale and no dramatic tension.
Disappointingly, Fleischer's film lacks the finely detailed characters and dramatic tension of Brian De Palma's Prohibition-era drama.
There were flashes of strong dialogue, a soupcon of wit here and there, the occasional piece of dramatic tension and some smatterings of spontaneous applause, but the show lacked any genuine dramatic intensity or conflict.
With its broad assortment of diverse characters, the dramatic tension that always lingers tantalizingly just below the surface and the mythic storyline that marches inexorably towards its startling conclusion, this may be Livingston's strongest work to date.
The staging is slick but the obligatory dramatic tension in the second act (Chris's pursuit of fame, her failing business) feels more like a way to pass the time.
With just the right amount of dramatic tension for its target audience, and with a satisfying and justified conclusion, this tale emphasizes the love and security within this unconventional family, in which some sort of mad logic prevails, even amid the apparent chaos.
It creates dramatic tension, comic tension, and romantic tension if you produce something between two people of different worlds, like Thor and Jane Foster, and then break them up.
But it has the same emotional and dramatic tension, though fewer jumpers.
Based on a true story that took place in 1996, the film builds dramatic tension as the peace-loving monks are increasingly threatened with violence despite their open-handed benevolence, including regular medical assistance to local villagers in need.
The tale of Vacher's crime spree is written with the dramatic tension of a good novel and the impeccable detail of a well-researched history.