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SUSPENSE. When a rent, profit a prendre, and the like, are, in consequence of the unity of possession of the rent, &c., of the land out of which they issue, not in esse for a time, they are said to be in suspense, tunc dormiunt, but they may be revived or awakened. Co, Litt. 313 a.

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Kelley's adaptation pays conscientious attention to the novel's interplay of voices and tones, which it renders skillfully in the play's many dramatic tensions.
Not only are many of us fascinated to see how long Kerry Katona can a) stay off the kebabs and b) not have a total meltdown, but we also have the dramatic tension provided by Willoughby's volcanic cleavage and whether any frock can contain it.
Ravel's Sonata, with it's extraordinary Blues section and Perpetual Motion is modern and catchy, full of admirable virtuoso writing, while the Tzigane contains dramatic tension and feverishness building to a great finale.
Nicole Luiken has crafted a brooding, suspenseful tale that is rich in atmosphere and dramatic tension.
They consider dramatic interpretations, dramatic tension, tonal drama, motivic organization, and tonal and formal anomalies in them.
If you can't get by without the dramatic tension of the wild-eyed freakshow, 'Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter' is a design for living.
As the hero Kama goes after the possible man of his dreams, there is a nice dramatic tension before a satisfying, though slightly obvious, conclusion.
Adapted from Robert B Parker's novel of the same name, Appaloosa ambles through similar dramatic terrain to Clint Eastwood's Oscarwinning Unforgiven, only with a sappy love story supplanting the internal conflict and dissipating any dramatic tension.
Every time the Paladins get close, David can teleport to another location, preventing the game of cat and mouse kindling even a wisp of dramatic tension.
The startling success of the spelling bee genre might be explained by the "cuteness" appeal of its preadolescent contestants or the dramatic tension of the winner-take-all competition.
How Uhtred comes to champion Arthur's almost hopeless cause provides the book's substantial dramatic tension.