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DRAWING. A representation on paper, card, or other substance.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires all persons who apply for letters patent for an invention, to accompany their petitions or specifications with a drawing or drawings of the whole, and written references, when the nature of the case admits of drawings.

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Appointed the first full-time curator of drawings at the Courtauld in 2006, in 2010 she found herself, in addition, the coordinator of the IMAF Centre for the Study and Conservation of Drawings, made possible by a generous grant from the International Music and Arts Foundation.
Levitt's drawings are on display in an exhibit called ``Oodles of Doodles: Drawings Made on My Travels'' that runs through Nov.
Writing architecture with drawings at the stage of le parti is the ultimate manifestation of imaginative consciousness heading for realisation.
In Caracciolo's more-or-less completely abstract drawings, instinct is alive and well, while in those that suggest landscape it becomes self-contained and civilized and in the sculptures diffuses into melancholic atmosphere alleviated by beatific moments of light.
How much business would you lose if you used regular mail to send drawings to China?
Fransisca: In my drawings, I am free to pour out all my ideas.
Setting the stage for this discussion, Rosand introduces the lines of Apelles and Parrhasios, two drawings particularly celebrated in antiquity.
Toward these ends, this study used drawings and the written descriptions that accompanied them to gain insight into how prospective educators understand and depict teaching.
Another innovation is "virtual folding," which allows users to look at several drawings at one time, regardless of how the views were arranged in the original drawing.
Many mills, city departments and mines are constantly referring to hand-generated drawings.
By closely emulating the way both technical and non-technical project team members work over drawings, the software combines the ease of using pen on paper with the power of the internet to overcome the industry's geographic and scheduling issues.