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DRAWING. A representation on paper, card, or other substance.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires all persons who apply for letters patent for an invention, to accompany their petitions or specifications with a drawing or drawings of the whole, and written references, when the nature of the case admits of drawings.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"I was about to say that the drawings are well worth all the time and trouble "
The remaining hours of the morning passed away pleasantly enough, in looking over the drawings, arranging them in sets, trimming their ragged edges, and accomplishing the other necessary preparations in anticipation of the business of mounting them.
It was made a great favour of; and altogether it was more than I could bear; and so I never would finish it, to have it apologised over as an unfavourable likeness, to every morning visitor in Brunswick Square;and, as I said, I did then forswear ever drawing any body again.
But as she wanted to be drawing, the declaration must wait a little longer.
There was no want of likeness, she had been fortunate in the attitude, and as she meant to throw in a little improvement to the figure, to give a little more height, and considerably more elegance, she had great confidence of its being in every way a pretty drawing at last, and of its filling its destined place with credit to them botha standing memorial of the beauty of one, the skill of the other, and the friendship of both; with as many other agreeable associations as Mr.
Elton was to take the drawing to London, chuse the frame, and give the directions; and Emma thought she could so pack it as to ensure its safety without much incommoding him, while he seemed mostly fearful of not being incommoded enough.
He's in the same style as the drawing room and that's why it is he's so often here."
The husband of Princess Betsy, a good-natured fat man, an ardent collector of engravings, hearing that his wife had visitors, came into the drawing room before going to his club.
While many young students benefit from art instruction, which can enhance their drawing skills during the elementary school years, they often get little, if any, direct instruction on the types of drawings and graphic techniques that can benefit them as designers, engineers, and inventors (Anning, 1997).
For Buck, the opening of this small dedicated space 'is the start of a new phase' in the Courtauld's commitment to drawings. Appointed the first full-time curator of drawings at the Courtauld in 2006, in 2010 she found herself, in addition, the coordinator of the IMAF Centre for the Study and Conservation of Drawings, made possible by a generous grant from the International Music and Arts Foundation.
Spiro and Ganzoni have assembled one hundred examples of working drawings, many from a collection housed at their university.
Along with works on single sheets of paper, the show also has artists' books, studies for other projects, multiples, laser drawings, animation and more.