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Dream Weaver: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Prefiguring of Jungian Dream Theory.
The Limitations of Critical Studies of the Epistemology of Freud's Dream Theory and Their Clinical Implications: A Response to Spence and Grunbaum.
In conceptualizing this case we made reference to CMT (Weiss, 2002) and Jungian dream theory (jung, 1945/1993) while taking into account Yani's dreams, her life history, and her cultural context.
Hobson and McCarley attacked three key aspects of Freudian dream theory.
For this reason, Medea's dream is best explained in terms of later developments in dream theory that assert that dreams do not come from some external divine source, but from within the dreamer.
In addition to dealing with issues currently central to Twain studies, such as race and gender, he also links metaphor to humor and dream theory.
One need not be convinced by the suggestion that Boccaccio assigns Panfilo the task of elaborating a dream theory because his name evokes that of Macrobius's Pamphylus to recognize the value of Marchesi's insight regarding the striking parallels between oneirocritics and hermeneutics.