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The remainder of the day is filled with games of pretend involving elaborate dress-ups and plots in which I am costumed, cast and prompted by The Director.
com/en/), a premier virtual fashion and entertainment destination on the web, empowers users to express their creativity within a unique "social gaming" environment that blends childlike play with social networking to deliver a playful, fun-filled approach to fashion, celebrity and dress-ups.
ADD AFFORDABLE DRESS-UPS Inexpensive green furniture tassels from a local fabric store glam up a mass-market umbrella.
Activities include who can eat the most Smarties with chopsticks in a minute, sponsored dress-ups where managers will take on the identity of a sumo wrestler for the day, food sales and film screenings.
This is what my female fan-base discovers, that you don't have to be skinny-skinny to be sexy, you don't have to be born with it, you can get in the spirit of what I'm on about with a radical game of dress-ups.