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Based on the Qantas uniforms designed by Qantas Creative Director of Fashion, Martin Grant, the new range of dress-ups for children aged 3 8 include a Qantas Captain, and a cabin crew uniform for girls and boys.
I love girly dress-ups -- have done ever since I was a kid -- so for me it was perfect.
2) Although cowboy outfits were very popular with boys, my primary concern here is the implications of the Annie Oakley cowgirl dress-up for girls.
How about if we go downstairs and make cocoa and pancakes, and watch a movie, then get dressed, then go outside, then put on our bathing suits, then go swimming, then go ride the merry-go-round, then eat pizza and ice cream, then play the three little pigs and dress-ups, then take a bubble bath, then go to bed?
Now that's one thing Mammy is an absolute authority on: Playing dress-ups makes everything better.
We made a "gallery" with string and clothespins of drawings and photos girls brought of fave outfits and dress-ups.