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Our research explored the potential cancer-protective properties of dried plums using a well-established rat model of colon cancer," she said.
The group that consumed dried plums had significantly higher bone mineral density in the ulna (one of two long bones in the forearm) and spine, in comparison with the group that ate dried apples.
The effectiveness of daily consumption of 50 g dried plum on improving indices of bone turnover in osteopenic postmenopausal women [abstract].
Army officials to discuss the practical application of dried plum extract in rations that must be reheated.
This study was supported by the California Dried Plum Board.
Current research presented at the 2015 Ninth ISNAO has added to the increasing body of evidence that suggests dried plums (prunes) help to support healthy bones and may even promote attainment of peak bone mass.
Over the course of the study, there were no significant differences between the dried apple and dried plum groups in altering serum levels of atherogenic cholesterols except total cholesterol at 6 months.
Featuring a 48-inch wide scan area, one Optyx 6000 with Raptor inspects up to nine tonnes of Mariani's dried plums per hour.
Sunsweet is the nation's leading marketer of dried plums as well as specialty dried fruit products and juices.
The group's research, 'Comparative Effects of Dried Plum and Dried Apple on Bone in Post Menopausal Women', was published in the British Journal of Nutrition.
Now researchers with the USDA-ARS have developed an inexpensive approach that dried plum processors can use to help ensure that no large pieces of a plum's pit remain inside this fruit.
Once the butt of toilet humour, the dried plum is enjoying cult status because of its health boosting anti-oxidants, iron and high fibre content.