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Dried plums (aka prunes) are concentrated in sorbitol and fiber, so are more celebrated for their laxative effect than are fresh plums.
Considered to be one of the world's best athletes, she also possesses a passion for cooking and has participated in a series of cooking and other promotional videos for the California Dried Plum Board.
The researchers put thousands of tender, moist dried plums to the test in laboratory experiments at the agency's Western Regional Research Center.
Soften 1 cup dried plum slices or larger pieces by method 2 or 3 (steam 2 to 4 minutes).
Since appropriate snacking is likely important for optimal weight management practices, we were pleased that our research demonstrated the satiating power of a dried plum snack and its promotion of improved dietary intake and good digestive health," said Kern.
Just two years ago the California Dried Plum Board, formerly known as the California Prune Board, tried to reinvigorate the plum category and gain younger consumers by renaming the old, stodgy prune as the more upbeat and healthy dried plum.
The re-named California Dried Plum Board now hopes to promote the health rewards from eating dried plums beyond prunes' well-known laxative benefits.
Clearly, if you call a dried plum a dried plum instead of a prune it sells better.
Dried Plum Extract and Vitamin C help to improve skin clarity while brightening for a youthful glow.
Dried plum (prune) puree or black bean puree in brownies, chocolate cake, mocha cake and spice cake.
Li hing moi, explains Afshar, is a ``salty Hawaiian dried plum.
California Dried Plum Board Helps to Educate Consumers About the Health Benefits of California Dried Plums