Drinking Water Inspectorate

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Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI)

an agency charged with testing water quality in England and Wales and taking enforcement action where required.
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NI Water devised the draft WR&SR Plan with input from key stakeholders, including the Department for Infrastructure, the Utility Regulator, the Drinking Water Inspectorate, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Consumer Council NI.
As soon became concerns The charges to put Ceri Jones, were brought by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.
The charges were brought by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.
Advice from the Drinking Water Inspectorate states that blue colour in water is rare, but when it happens it is due to corrosion of copper plumbing and indicates high levels of copper in the water.
Charges of supplying 'inadequately disinfected water' were brought against the company by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, which said after the case there were 'serious failures' on the part of United Utilities to 'maintain control of water treatment processes.'.
The Drinking Water Inspectorate has approved the initiative and customers have been advised that they should not notice any difference to their previous supply.
In July 2012 the Drinking Water Inspectorate published samples from 1.9 million tests in England and Wales which showed 99.96% compliance with legal standards - and as the Ecologist magazine pointed out, the figure has been above 99% for nearly 20 years.
Richard Banwell, prosecuting for the Drinking Water Inspectorate, said temporary operational changes at the Franklaw plant led to contaminated water from an underground reservoir going back into the water treatment facility from July 27 to July 31 2015.
The Government's Drinking Water Inspectorate also discovered tiny amounts of the painkiller ibuprofen and anti-epilepsy drug carbamazepine.
On the back of the accreditation, the firm's products are currently being assessed by the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) under Reg 31/BS6920 and, if successful, could see the glass plant running 24 hours a day, five days a week within 18 months.
Sue Pennison of the Drinking Water Inspectorate, which audits household supplies, said out of more than four million samples of tap water last year, 99.96 per cent passed strict standards.

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