alcoholic beverage

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For more call 09050 700 443 Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 A WEEKEND of wild parties again is it, or are you planning a nice little drinky thing with Abigail and her mates?
I must say the thought of having to survive for seven whole days on an exclusive diet of Angel Delight and Munch Bunch Drinky Plus would have given me a chronic case of the yips too.
With a variety of pot sizes to satisfy every appetite, Munch Bunch also has two great 'on-the-move' options: Munch Bunch Drinky is a super-cool yogurt-style drink made with real strawberry puree and Munch Bunch Squeezy comes in yummy squeezable pods of fromage frais.
Nestle Munch Bunch strawberry Drinky + has a pink colouring from dried beetle blood.
She said he had been on a "drinking binge onths, drinky day from til night" ad virtually eating.
Add the word "drink" to the wordand you might imagine it becomes even more drinky, which is potentially delicious.