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Note, unlike the drive mappings, there is no option here to tell the printers to reconnect with a specified User ID on startup.
FilesAnywhere plans come standard with many online features, including automated PC backup, folder synchronization, web-based folder shares, inbound and outbound file links, SSL security, FTP and SecureFTP, WebDAV drive mapping, an online document viewer, content-based remote file search, online picture albums and file version history.
South River Technologies (SRT), the pioneers of Internet drive mapping, announced today that WebDrive has been certified to work seamlessly with Microsoft's newly released MSN Desktop search.
Users don't need to maintain NAN login accounts on each server or use drive mapping to establish links.
The Dallas-based company recently added drive mapping, FTP-linking, "FileView" folders to link files together, and a host of version control and file sharing features.
This includes not only essential drive mapping and printing services, but also full access to NetWare Directory Services(TM).